Friends of St Mary’s Halesworth

Arms of The Argentines • Mediaeval Benefactors


Wednesday 13th September, 12.30
Organ recital with Jason Busby
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Why regenerate St Mary's?

By modern standards, the church building is uncomfortable, unsafe and impractical. It's also very expensive to maintain and repair and in order to continue as a viable building needs to be appreciated and used by a wider interest group.

We are working to create:
Artist’s impression of the regenerated church
• A more comfortable place of worship and sanctuary which is accessible to all
• A flexible space, which can be used for a range of community activities
• A church that visitors – schools, tourists, pilgrims – will enjoy
• A building that will survive for future generations

We seek to:
• Care for a beautiful mediaeval building
• Cherish the artefacts and stories within it
• Share our common heritage with all
• Raise funds to regenerate the building

• Will you join us in this?

• Host an event

• Support our fundraising

• Become a friend