A Moment in Time – a short play set in 1415

Performed as part of Halesworth Heritage Open Days, September 2019 – 600 years after the death of Sir William Argentine – the last of the Argentine Lords of the Manor – a dynasty lasting nearly 400 years, bringing wealth and resolve in building the large mediaeval church – and establishing Halesworth ‘On the Map'.

7 excerpts – Click on images to view video and notes

1 Bellringing

2 The Argentine Family

3 Looking Back ...

4 Sir William Argentine...

5 A Play within a play

6 A Dance Interlude

7 The End of the Dynasty

Click on images to view video and notes
Historical Footnotes
Dramatic licence has changed some of the historical detail – for instance – despite his advanced years (65 in 1415), Sir William could possibly have been at Agincourt but to as a ‘Commissioner of Array' – in modern terms i/c Logistics - overseeing arms, horses and soldier welfare etc. Perhaps as a loyal knight he had no choice, and indeed would have been watching out for his remaining son and heir, William Argentine junior, who was to be killed in action as lancer in the retinue of the Earl of Suffolk. Testimony of his presence at Agincourt and safe return was made by the building of the North Porch entrance to the church, circa 1416.
Thanks and Acknowledgments:
to all who helped with the production, particularly members Circle 67 for lending their acting talent expertise, and beautiful costumes. Also to BVT members for committing so enthusiastically to the project. A special mention is due to Halesworth Mencap for making wonderful coats of arms to decorate the nave pillars – embellishing further the mediaeval setting. Thanks also to the Blyth Valley Bell Ringers for their invaluable contribution – creating a fantastic pre-performance atmosphere and providing the film sequence of the bells swinging in the bell chamber. Finally thank you to the film maker, Nathan Berry, for capturing this ‘Moment in Time’ for posterity!